The health and safety of our customers and staff is Mountain View’s highest priority. Until the risk of the Coronavirus lessens we will continue to develop and take measures to combat the potential impact on our entire facility, and will continue to implement CDC cleaning protocols to maintain a safe environment for our customers and staff. These measures recommended by the CDC includes but not limited to insisting, all staff wash hands often using the 20 second rule, having  hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol available as a back up for when hand washing isn’t feasible, Avoid close contact especially those with noticeable cold or flu like symptoms. Our staff with will be required to stay home when feeling ill or with flu like symptoms. We will diligently clean and disinfect areas touched frequently such as restrooms, appliances, equipment, golf carts, counter tops and tables etc. For all our safety and prevent the spread of this Virus, we are asking  all our customers and staff to follow these guidelines when visiting our facility, And we will get through this!

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Mountain View Management and staff