To our valued golfers:

Once this decision to close was announced, Mountain View Golf Club reached out to Governor Tom Wolf, Representative Dan Moul and Senator Doug Mastriano pleading that health experts agree you can practice social distancing while playing golf as outlined in recent WSJ and Golf Digest articles.

We also reached out to you, and many of you contacted our Representatives. and the response was awesome. THANK YOU!

Representative Dan Moul replied, that over the weekend he submitted 2 separate waiver requests for golf courses. Landscaping, hunting, and fishing as outdoor activities, and they have been approved. and that golf courses in his district can open for business, but all food and beverage services, like other restaurants, must be carry out and to Please use best management practices.

We will open the tee sheet 10 AM today. we will continue to follow CDC guidelines on on safe distancing, washing hands regularly, sanitizing golf carts, door handles, restroom fixtures, counter tops etc. and we ask all our customers to continue these safe practices as well. We’ve noticed some of our customers are bringing and using their own wipes and using on the equipment they touch and we applaud that. Lets continue to be safe!

We will continue to provide updates as we navigate this difficult time.

Again we want to THANK everyone that contacted our representatives.

Let’s play some golf!